Commonly called “The Fountainhead”, Susa is located at the terminus of a wadi, and is the only city in Draj with a reliable water source. The dry riverbed, “the river of stones”, is annually flooded with water, this water pours into Susa and is captured by a great well that supplies the city throughout the year. The city’s population is on the rise and water use is becoming more strict, decrees against water poaching are rigorously enforced. Several powerful Salt Dynasties are based in Susa, making the city a prosperous place. Susa’s emblem is the Bull, many here also revere the Jinn, honoring them for fear of their wrath. “May the Jinn have mercy” is a common Susa oath.





Daughters of the Dawnflower

Monks of the White Feather

Potters Guild

The Ageless Stone of Aeolus


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