Draj Pathfinder

Under the protection of Morthern Salz

The group talk over their next move inside the windmill, they notice that Absalom Urtun Mespazarek seems to sprout whiskers and fuzzy hair whenever he gets close to the cursed millstone… Hadar recalls A being bitten by a wererat earlier. Deciding to talk to the Miller before sleeping and seeing a group of Suli-Jann approaching A, Dermina, Tamora, and Kenyon Wanamingo sneak down to the mansion, A successfully scales the low mud wall and into the garden… D, T, and K follow after a short pause to improve their sneak attempts. Inside the mansion the Miller pleads with the Suli-Jann, A steps in and informs them about the strange-happenings in the windmill, he escorts 3 Suli-Jann to the mill, 2 ride strange horses with croc heads. H, Elle, and Riham are slowly making their way to the mansion and are halted by a mounted SJ. T and D address the Miller and SJ in the mansion, tensions are high. K picks dates in the garden. Outside the SJ demand that A, H, and R come with them for further interrogation, A sends a message with his hawk informing Morthern Salz that he has acquired the elephant… The group is herded into the mansion abd are ordered to lay down their weapons by the SJ. Outside K sees a procession of heavily armed men dressed in Scarlet approach the mansion gate. Salz Dynasty retainer Courtland intervenes and blocks the SJ attempt to arrest the heroes. Courtland offers refuge in the Salz estate. The heroes are taken to the bathhouse where they rest and heal up, promised a meeting with Morthern the next morning. Elle is claimed by Salz and taken to an enclosure in the menagerie, H accompanies her not wanting to give her over. D scouts the estate’s perimeter, K attempts to carouse with guards and cooks, all are much to well-behaved to be any fun. An extravagant celebration has been planned for the following day in honor of Salz’s new elephant. The heroes meet Morthern Salz in his grand greeting chamber, the over indulgent man is slightly obese and is carted around by his attendants, a large Sand Fluke suckles on his neck. MS is happy for the elephant and rewards A with a large sum of ceramics to share with the group, they are given scarlet sashes to wear and are also granted access to a vault containing magikal items confiscated by the SJ. Courtland informs A that his next priority should be the discovery of the Halic Dynasty salt source, he is urged to use the help of his new friends. The party begins and Elle and H are forced into festive costumes, coaxed by A, K dances with the Daughters of the Dawnflower, T, D, and R talk about missing Thet. All are disturbed by the decadence and waste surrounding them. K arranges a shared devotion with the Sarenrae priestesses.

The group heads to the emporium to gear-up and prepare for their next undertaking…



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