Draj Pathfinder

The Aeolus Stone

secrets of the sands...

The group go their separate ways in the emporium. R searches for her brother, A investigates the Halic family. T and D are coaxed into taking a beautiful vase from a pottery vendor, a sculpted mouth on the vase speaks to T, telling her that she “is to be tested…”, the message is from the local preservers and T is instructed to meet them alone, T tells skeptical D to stay with the others, for their help will be needed. D tries in vain to keep T close. Finding himself free from any Suli-Jann harassment, H and Elle head to the Pilgrim tents but are stopped by the strange goings-on atThe Ageless Stone of Aeolus, a group of Devoted sit around a large stone that has been oddly shaped by the Draji wind. Two Devoted sit on thrones placed at either side of the Aeolus stone, pilgrims and Susa citizens line up to pay one ceramic for an hour’s service by the throned Devoted. K is asked by the Daughters of the Dawnflower to deliver an evening meal to the Devoted, he arrives with a loaded goat cart just in time to meet up with D and H. H is called “Desert Father” by the Devoted and he approaches to touch the wind swept stone, visions of flying over the White Erg fill his mind, the Sphynx constellation burns brightly in the night sky, below it the dunes swirl and drift to expose a doorway. H is drawn to this place and he asks D and K to accompany him on a quest there. The trio buy supplies and a camel and head into the White Erg. On the second day of their journey they see a large black tent. They approach and discover that the tent is merely a small model set atop curious shimmering crystals. Suspecting a trap, K ties a rope around his waist gives the loose end to H and rushes forward and falls into a large pit. The trio are ambushed by hidden archers and a ogre attempts to grapple K. H charges the archers in their fox holes as D returns fire, K easily dispatches the ogre. The hobgoblin slavers soon lay slain, their vile blood soaking into the desert sands.

The heroes collect the spoils of battle and continue towards the herald stars…



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