Draj Pathfinder

a Sandstorm, some Poison Grain, and the Suli-Jann

and everybody wants an Elephant...

Anatolia Dalmisthura “Anat” is rudely awakened by the Host of “The Drunken Giant” cantina after a long night of carousing with Kenyon Wanamingo. They managed to rack up a sizable bill and Anat is forced to pay it off by being the waterboy for a group of mercenaries going out on patrol in the White Erg. Riham and her brother Thet have made the journey across the Erg with their tribe’s 8 best camels, the wandering hermit Hadar is close behind them… an odd sandstorm whirls nearby. Anat and the mercs soon encounter Riham and Hadar and no sooner than hello the sandstorm hits and all drop for cover. The group soon realizes that the storm is unnatural after a merc, a gnome chair, and Riham are tossed through the air by the twister, they take up arms and fight the sandstorm air elemental. After defeating it they head into Susa where Riham sells some camels, Hadar’s elephant “Ele” is celebrated by the Pilgrims, and Anat hauls barrels of poison grain (grain from the local Miller is poisoned) from the cantina, his new friend Faus helps out, the two find Kenyon sleeping in the storeroom, who also helps move the grain. Hadar is confronted by black cowled Suli-Jann who try to steal Ele, he fights them off, killing one, the corpse explodes in a sudden flash of light. Hadar and Riham hide with a Pilgrim family. The group regathers and decide to investigate the source of the poisoned grain, meeting at night on a nearby dune, where they are again confronted by Suli-Jann, who they defeat.

Now, off to the grainery…



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