Draj Pathfinder

Mwangi tribeswomen and the cursed Millstone

Dermina and Tamora are searching Susa for the Defiler that decimated their Elven tribe, thinking that the poisoned grain may be the work of their enemy they follow an angry mob to the Miller’s mansion. Absalom Urtun Mespazarek sets out to investigate the recent elephant rumors, sending his hawk Mekelech to scout for the strange animal. After defeating the Suli-Jann Riham, Hadar, and Kenyon Wanamingo briefly rest with the carpet-weavers, Anatolia Dalmisthura “Anat” decides that things are a little too dangerous for him at the moment and heads off by himself. R discovers that her brother Thet is missing from the corral, told by a camel-jokey that she herself just moments ago led him by the hand further into the city. As the mob clashes with the Miller’s retainers guarding the mansion’s gate, Absalom eyes the elven outlanders and offers his services to the suspicious pair, after being exposed as an outlander himself by Mekelech they decide to investigate the Miller’s estate. R, H, and K are swept up in the angry mob heading to the Miller, H has placed a blanket over Elle in an attempt to disguise her, K tries to calm the mob with a peaceful dance but only manages to incite them further. As they pass the Suli-Jann statue R rushes for the front door, believing that they have taken Thet, H follows with Elle, the two collapse asleep before they can get close. After coaxing Elle back with wine K wakes H who heads back for R, H falls asleep again, K wakes H with hurled rocks and they drag R away from the warded area. After seeing a flying carpet hovering above them in the night sky H finds a Sylvan note on his saddle dropped there by Mekelech, the note tells him to take Elle to the Salz menagerie for safe keeping… H, K, and R follow the hawk’s trail to the Miller’s estate. Meanwhile A, T and D have approached a strange windmill that is moving despite the lack of any blowing wind, the group is confronted with an awful stench and a pile of dead and eaten cats lying in front of the mill’s door. They enter and see a hunched figure pouring grain into a black millstone, D advances and discovers that the figure is a wererat… A joins D inside the windmill and shoots a flaming sphere at the ratman and is bitten by a second wererat, T uses message to communicate with the group and detect magic on the black millstone, discerning it’s properties… H, K and R arrive and join the fray. Deadly violet fungus grow and emerge from piles of flour, T is struck with a flesh rotting tentacle, the group soon dispatch the vile fungi and their spores. They then turn their attention to the millstone and set about stopping its conjuring turning, K climbs to the top and sets a brick into the gears straining the vertical shaft that H and Elle shatter with numerous gore attacks.

The heroes pause to catch their breath…



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