Kenyon Wanamingo

Halfling Ranger, Shumah Pilgrim


Lvl 3 Halfling Ranger, belongs to a small religious sect that values indulging one’s innermost desires (though trying to avoid overindulgence. No one likes hangovers or syphilis) and finds that the greatest good is helping others to do the same. He wanders around, trying to help people, and going on adventures to have good stories to tell.

Wields two flaming kukris with a hypnotic, dance-like fighting style. Tends to wear flashy clothing that hides a mithral chain shirt. Has higher AC than he really should. (My luck held out yet again when I was rolling stats, and I rolled 2 17s, 2 15s, an 11, and a 9. It was pretty insane.)

At 2’11”, he’s 33 pounds of fury.


Kenyon was raised in the tradition of the Shumah religious sect. This small group, mostly halflings, worship the minor deity Lailah, who was the offspring of the more notable gods Desna (dreams, stars, travelers, luck) and Cayden Cailean(freedom, ale, wine, bravery). Lailah is referred to by the Shumah as “the candle in the darkness”. The tenets of the Shumah are to reveal that which is hidden, and to enjoy those activities that are done by candlelight, such as eating together, telling stories, dancing, or making love. The sacraments of the Shumah are dining together, telling stories, and dancing, all by candlelight. It is a commandment for the Shumahim to follow their innermost desires, and to help for others to do so as well, even if they normally would not. Needless to say there is a reputation among outsiders that the Shumahim are salacious, gluttonous degenerates, but that isn’t true. If it is the innermost desire of one to live as an ascetic, then it is imperative that they do so. Also, it is rarely the case that anyone wishes to overindulge, so Shumahim are typically quite reasonable. Indulgent, certainly, but overindulgence is almost as bad as not indulging. A very common theme for jokes among Shumahim revolve around the young convert, who is often either always very drunk or always very fat. Usually both.

It is another commandment for young Shumahim to travel around the world, spreading the word of Lailah and trying to help people realize their desires. They are often prized travel companions, for they tend to be quite friendly and will often go out of their way to make sure their companions are enjoying themselves. It is not uncommon for the Shumah pilgrims to carry a huge amount of fine foods and wines, and cook for total strangers that they meet. While they certainly have a reputation for being overindulgent, it’s rare for someone to think ill of a Shumah after they’ve spent some time together.

Shumah pilgrims often get involved in adventuring, as it is conducive to traveling, and so that they may have many stories to tell in the candlelight once they return home. It is not uncommon for them to pick up character classes, and one of the highest honors for the Shumah is to be a Shadowdancer, which combines many elements of their cultural identity, and provides protection for their companions and loved ones. The Shumah detest any form of oppression or slavery, and will often go out of their way to liberate people, even if it is only from the bonds of living in a society that frowns on drinking coffee.

Kenyon Wanamingo is a typical Shumah, though some elders did suggest that he’d not quite learned to always avoid overindulgence. He grew up sickly, often missing his lessons. Consequently his knowledge is often rather incomplete. This did not deter him from his dreams of becoming a shadowdancer, however, and he learned to overcome his Halfling lack of raw strength with a fluid, dancing style of fighting with two small knives. The elders were impressed by his determination to do what he most desired, and when he came of age and was to set off on his pilgrimage, they gifted him a pair of enchanted kukris that would pulse with the dancing flames of the candle on command. They are his most prized possessions, and he often twirls them about in a showy fashion, and when there are no Suli-Jann about, he will frequently ignite them dramatically.

Kenyon traveled for a few years throughout the deserts of Draj, working as a guard for a salt caravan. One of the other guards was a grizzled old ranger who taught him how to track, and how to survive by himself in the desert. The caravan was attacked several times by human bandits, and Kenyon soon learned their strengths and weaknesses to better protect his friends in the caravan. It became clear after a while that there was not much more he could do for the caravan, and he said his goodbyes. He arrived in Susa recently, and has been earning money by dancing in the inns, and spending what he’s earned just as quickly on good food and drink, and new friends.

Kenyon Wanamingo

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