We all flow through the stream in our own way.


3rd Level Gnome Druid. Lion animal companion named Hamzah. Survives in the wild off of whatever he finds. Any random item that Hadar sees, he will put in his bag of holding. Each item gives a clue to the direction of the streams (also, he is a hoarder). Never had any form of education, but knows the way of the world.


Hadar has known since he was a child that he has been here before, and he will be here again. His stream has flowed in these lands throughout many lives. Many streams have dried in this age, which is a problem for the planet. Life is ending and not returning to the flow.

There is a life that flows parallel to his own in every age. Their energies draw them together in whatever form. A tree and caterpillar, a tick and a deer, or a Warlord and his mistress; countless lifetimes spent in each others company.

In this age they take the form of a Gnome Hermit named Hadar and his lion companion Hamzah. Hadar is concerned that if things continue as they have been going, life will cease to be on this planet and his companion and himself will dry up with the wastes.

Life is gathering in the location of the yearly floods. Observing the streams, perhaps Hadar can gain insight to the drought.


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