Anatolia Dalmisthura "Anat"

Former Soldier from a disbanded army.


High AC, high attack, little else, but versitile with a suprise powerful thowing arm. Bad with people.


Now 29 years old, It has been 3 years since Farious Alem, Anat’s Captain, was found guilty of treason and executed. All sodiers serving directly under Farious were discharged and barred from service. So the life of an adventurer began. Anat’s experience as an infantrymen has conditioned him for long campaigns ouside the safty of the Ziggurats. Anat is a follower of a small religious order that preys to Gozreh for the return of the water to the land and sees the desert as a sea in it’s own right.

Uses Tridents for melee and throwing.

My Illustration:


Anatolia Dalmisthura "Anat"

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