among the endless sands there is life


An isolated desert region, consisting of a few scattered cities and settlements.

It’s inhabitants are called The Draj or Draji.

The largest city is centered around the only reliable water source.

Few dare the bleak landscape outside the safety of society. All manner of races and their gods populate Draj.

Wealth is measured in water and salt.

500 years before now this area was a verdant valley, now it is a wasteland.

The merchant elite maintain the belief that the land’s tainting was brought on by the overuse of MAgik. Some common-people share this belief, but many see the blight as a curse rendered by a vengeful Jinni entity. This prejudice towards MAgik use has forced it to become a cabalistic affair.

Two traditions of MAgik have emerged since the desolation of Draj:

The Preservers and The Defilers.

Draj Pathfinder

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