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  • Sandstorm, Poison Grain, and the Suli-Jann

    [[:anatolia-dalmisthura-anat | Anatolia Dalmisthura "Anat"]] is rudely awakened by the Host of "The Drunken Giant" cantina after a long night of carousing with [[:kenyon-wanamingo | Kenyon Wanamingo]]. They managed to rack up a sizable bill and Anat is …

  • Suli-Jann

    [[Jinn]] worshiping cultist, they live in a huge statue-temple. These fanatics enforce a strict anti-MAgik policy in [[Susa]], exposing and executing both [[Preservers]] and [[Defilers]]. It is rumored that they are led by a [[Janni]] and that members …

  • Salz Dynasty

    The oldest and most formidable of the Dynasties. The Salz family operates a saltworks close to [[Susa]], this access makes Salz salt the most affordable in Draj and the family very popular. Morthern Salz is the eldest son and has been Vizier for over 20 …

  • Halic Dynasty

    The Halic family have only recently endeavored into the [[Salt]] business, but have managed to become successful with a very unique variety of salt. The source of this prized Halic salt is a mystery, many competing Viziers would do anything to obtain …

  • Drudges

    The workforce of [[Susa]]. Living in the Lower Districts, many are indentured servants. A drudge includes: Water Vendors, Mercenaries, Laborers, Couriers, Farmers, Camel Jockey, and Hosts. Each type is represented by a Union. Potters, Smiths, and …

  • Daughters of the Dawnflower

    The devout priestesses of [[Sarenrae]], who preside over The Solar Calf Gate. The warrior caste are known as the Dervishes, whirling and dancing zealots.

  • Fountaineers

    The Spiral Minaret's administrators, these dedicated militant architects are made up of [[Susa]]'s most intelligent minds, the secret design and workings of the fountain are only known to this closed order. The collection and distribution of water is …

  • Sarenrae

    Goddess of the sun, redemption, honesty, and healing. Domains: Fire, Glory, Good, Healing, Sun. Favored weapon: scimitar.

  • Gozreh

    Deity of nature, weather, and the sea. Domains; Air, Animal, Plant, Water, Weather. Favored weapon: trident.

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