Half-elf Ranger


Dermina has journeyed to Susa hunting a Defiler who ravaged her secluded Elven community. While shunned as a child for being a half-elf with no skill in magic, she still feels a connection, albeit a weak one, with the tall dark-skinned Mwangi that are considered her people. This is mostly due to her half-sister Tamora, who fit right in with the tribe- excelling in both dragon magic and traditional elven ways. Dermina, on the other hand, only produced stares and hushed laughter during her attempts at both. Walking away from her community for most of the years, Dermina began surviving and making a living as a ranger in the harsh desert world surrounding her village. When her sister Tamora requests it, she performs the role of bounty hunter, scout, or tracker for the Mwangi.

Living a life alone in the desert has only increased her mistrust of humans, elves, and other social beings. While loyal and sane to those she trusts, she has been known to call drunk, large, muscular humans “fucking idiots” to their faces, walk away from Elders while they try to talk to her, and generally not be a “people person”. One time she punched someone in the face for asking her how life was in the desert as a ranger. Her sister knows to never bring her to a party.

After the vile attack on the Mwangi homeland, Tamora and Dermina were sent by the survivors to warn other communities of the Defiler threat. While the elders just wanted to send Tamora, they realized that with so few community members left and such a difficult task, they would need a skilled ranger to help Tamira survive in such a harsh, non-magic using world. Dermina accepted, understanding that the fate of her village was not a just one, and that her sister would need as much help as possible.

The trail of destruction across the Draj desert has led them to the city Susa. Here they hope to contact the local Preservers and finally put a stop to the Defiler’s reign of terror.


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