Absalom Urtun Mespazarek

A sneaky gnome druid, this outlander knows how to survive in the desert wastes.


The hawk Mekelech accompanies Absalom everywhere, they are BFF. Absalom has a camel mount, Aldred, who is also a good friend.


Absalom grew up amongst the Outlander communities of Draj, paying infrequent visits to the various ziggurat cities. As a youth, he quickly discovered his talent for surviving in the harsh environment of the desert, due to his quick wittedness and affinity for animals. He considers animals to be of equal (if not greater) worth than many of the so-called ‘higher’ races (such as humans, or elves). He is young for a gnome (37) and has begun seeking his fame and fortune in the world. His talent at survival and traversing the desert paths has left him with no shortage of employment opportunities, scouting for the salt dynasties and such. He relies primarily on stealth, charm, and natural gnomish good fortune to carry him through the dangerous situations he encounters, knowing that his best friend, the hawk Mekelech, will be at his side. Outside of employers and animals, most of his other contact is with fellow travelers and druids.

Having single handedly saved a Salz Dynasty salt caravan from bandits, Absalom was offered a position at the Salz menagerie, where he tends to the plants and animals (being a talented animal-handler and herbalist). Morthern Salz himself protected Absalom from the anti-magic wrath of the Suli-Jann, and thus gained Absalom’s loyalty. He currently has given Absalom two tasks: discover the source of the Halic Dynasties newfound saltwealth, and (if possible) acquire an elephant for the menagerie. As there has been a baby elephant seen wnadering the city recently, this shouldn’t prove too difficult…

Absalom Urtun Mespazarek

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